5Paisa Review, Special Offers, Demat, Trading A/C and Brokerage

5Paisa is a fully functional and widely known brokerage house from Mumbai. And, they’re serving their clients across various financial advisory domains since 2007.

They’re a company that prefers the use of a mixed business approach. And, by mixed we mean the combination of conventional and new-age advisory means.

Today, we’ll be focused on reviewing them as per their several business aspects. And, our review will answer all of your doubts about them.

Find detailed 5Paisa Review below

5Paisa Highlights
Broker Type Discount Broker
Demat Account AMC Rs.540 per Annum
Margin Required 75% Margin
Intraday Brokerage Rs 20/order
Delivery Brokerage Rs 20/order
Exposure Upto 5x


What do you know about 5Paisa?

As far as the inception of 5Paisa is concerned, they were established in 2016. And, the credit for their mere existence goes to Prakash Gagdani. It was their efforts that brought recognition for 5paisa so quickly.

They initiated their operations from their Mumbai-based headquarters. The firm initiated its work as a full-service financial broker. However, with time they even entered the domain of financial franchisees.

And, now they serve their clients together with their several business partners. They’ve even come up with many innovative brokerage plans. And, that’s why they’ve become a favorable name among discount brokers in a short period.

About 5Paisa 
Know a few details about 5Paisa 
Which type of Company is it? – Public / Private Public
Which type of Broker is it? – Full Service / Discount Discount Broker
Where is the registered office of the Company Located? Mumbai, India
Who is the Founder of this Company? Prakash Gagdani
When did the company start? 2016


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    What are the various Demat Account Opening Charges levied by 5Paisa?

    If you’re looking forward to 5Paisa demat account, then here’s all you need to know. You can pay off all the charges related to account opening through CDSL. They charge Rs. 0 for the sake of demat account opening.

    Rs. 540 per annum is charged as the AMC of a demat account. However, no charges are incurred for the sake of maintaining a trading account.

    Furthermore, the company asks the clients to have a 75% Margin initial margin money balance. Nevertheless, you will be disappointed if you’re seeking services related to dematerialization.

    5Paisa Demat Account Opening Fees
    Check out the various fees charged for Opening a Demat Account with 5Paisa 
    Which is the Depository Participant involved? CDSL
    What are the Demat account opening charges? Rs.0
    How much is the Demat AMC? Rs.540 per Annum
    What is the Trading AMC? Rs 0 (Free)
    What is the initial Margin amount required? 75% Margin
    Is dematerialization available? No

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    Does 5Paisa provide any Offers to their Clients?

    It’s become a trend within the financial services industry to grant several offers. These offers help companies to acquire more clients with ease. And, these even help clients with their investments.

    Nevertheless, 5Paisa does not offer many services to clients, unlike its competitors. 5Paisa offers merely include two services. We’re referring to a free trading account opening provision and discount on overall brokerage.

    5Paisa Offers
    Here are the various offers provided by 5Paisa 
    Does the broker provide a Free Demat A/C offer? No
    Does the broker provide Free Trading A/C offer? Yes
    Is this broker offers a Discount on Brokerage? Yes
    Does the broker offer Happy hour trading to their clients? No
    Is the broking house provides a flexible brokerage plan? No
    Does the broker offer 1-month of Free brokerage? No
    Are the Holiday offers provided by the broker? No
    Are there any referral offers shared by the broker? No
    Zero Brokerage for Loss-Making Trades No

    What are the Brokerage Charges levied by 5Paisa on various Segments?

    5Paisa charges are the most interesting aspect of the company. This part even formulates the most important part of this article.

    As you’ll be able to see in the table mentioned below, the minimum required brokerage charge as posed by them is Rs. 20. So, basically here’s what they charge from their clients for the services they render: –

    • They seek a charge of Rs. 20 for Equity Delivery services.
    • seek a charge of Rs. 20 for Equity Intraday services.
    • They seek a charge of Rs. 20 for Equity Futures services.
    • seek a charge of Rs. 20 per lot for Equity Options Services.
    • They seek a charge of Rs. 20 for Currency Futures services.
    • seek a charge of Rs. 20 per lot for Currency Options services.
    • They seek a charge of Rs. 540 per annum for Demat Account AMC.
    5Paisa Brokerage Charges 
    Here you will find details of brokerage levied by 5Paisa on all segments
    What are the Equity Delivery Charges? Rs.20
    What are the Equity Intraday Charges? Rs.20
    How much brokerage charged for Commodity Trading? Rs.20
    What is the brokerage on Equity Futures? Rs.20
    How much brokerage charged for Equity Options? Rs.20 per Lot
    What is the brokerage on Currency Futures? Rs.20
    What is the brokerage on Currency Options? Rs.20 per Lot
    How much is the Minimum Brokerage required? Rs.20
    What is the Demat AMC? Rs.540 per Annum
    How much is the Trading AMC? Free
    What is the Minimum Margin Required? 75% Margin

    Does 5Paisa levy any other charges apart from Brokerage?

    We’ve told you about 5Paisa charges. However, you must be interested to know if there are any other charges involved. So, here’s a list of all the charges they incur for the services they grant other than brokerage: –

    • They levy a charge of 0.00345% on total turnover. This is incurred for the sake of transaction charges.
    • Levy a charge of 0.0125% on total turnover. This is incurred as Securities Transaction Charges.
    • They levy a charge of 0.00005% on total turnover as SEBI Turnover Charges.
    • Even levy GST on the overall sum of brokerage and transaction charges. This is levied at 18% of the same.
    • The broker even incurs certain Stamp Duty based on the requirements of the state. However, this amount is rather minimal.
    5Paisa Charges
    Get a deep understanding of all other charges levied by 5Paisa 
    How much are the Transaction Charges levied? 0.00345% of Total Turnover
    What are the STT charges? Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    *Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    What are the SEBI Turnover charges? 0.00005% (Rs. 5/Crore)
    How much is the Stamp Duty levied? (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%. Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    How is the GST charged? 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)

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    What is the Limit or Exposure offered by 5Paisa?

    5Paisa offers one of the best trading exposures in the entire industry. This is one of the biggest reasons for their swift success. Here’s the complete list of exposures they grant: –

    • They grant an exposure of up to 1 time on Equity Delivery.
    • Grant an exposure of up to 5 times on Equity Intraday.
    • They grant exposure of up to 1 time on Equity Futures.
    • Grant an exposure of up to 1 time o Equity Options.
    • They grant an exposure of up to 1 time on Currency Futures.
    • Grant an exposure of up to 1 time on Currency Options.
    • They grant exposure of up to 1 time on Commodity Trading.
    5Paisa Exposure or Leverage
    Here you will find the exposure or limit provided by 5Paisa 
    How much is the limit on Equity Delivery? 1x
    What is the limit on Equity Intraday? Upto 5x
    How much is the limit on Equity Futures? 1x
    What is the limit on Equity Options? 1x
    What is the exposure on Currency Futures? 1x
    How much is the leverage on Currency Options? 1x
    What is the limit on Commodity Trading? 1x

    How to Open 5Paisa Demat & Trading Account?

    Now, we’ve shared the basics of 5Paisa’s charges and origin. And, you even might want to register an account with them. However, there are a few steps involved before you can open 5Paisa demat account. Don’t worry though, it’s simple. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below: –

    1. You need to find a button at the end of this section. The button you’re looking for will have ‘Open Demat Account’ inscribed.
    2. You need to click on that button.
    3. Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to a new page with a certain form.
    4. The form will include some instructions and blank spaces. Go through all the instructions in the form and fill it up.
    5. You must be able to verify all the information that you fill up within the form.
    6. The next step will be to upload the form with certain other documents. These documents are required to verify your age, address, identity, and income. Therefore, you need to upload a copy of the following: –
      • 1 photograph
      • Your Aadhaar Card / Voter’s ID Card / Driving License
      • Your PAN Card
      • Image of your bank account’s updated passbook
    7. Next, you’ll receive a call from one of the company’s representatives. This person will guide you through any further formalities involved.
    8. You’ll receive access to your Trading/Demat account within a couple of hours.

    Open Demat Account Now – Fill up the Form Below

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      What are the various Trading Platforms provided by 5Paisa?

      5Paisa proudly claims to be India’s 2nd largest discount broker. And, the claim has a lot to do with their trading platforms. Here’s a description of all the 5Paisa trading platforms: –

      5Paisa Mobile Trading App

      Their mobile application has been designed for Android and iPhone devices. You can get the apps from Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store.

      The concept behind this trading application is rather simple. It’s designed to enable you the trading and investing facilities at your fingertips.

      5Paisa Web-based Platform: 5Paisa Trade Station Web

      This is even known as the Trade Station Web. This is an advanced user-friendly online trading platform. The best part about this application is that you don’t need to install it on your system.

      It completely functions based on the operations of a web browser. And, the impeccably smooth and simple UI grants the users a hassle-free experience.

      It’s developed to provide a great experience even in low bandwidth. This means that it can be used even in areas with poor internet facilities.

      5Paisa Trading Terminal: 5Paisa Trade Station EXE

      This application is widely known as Trade Station EXE. And, as the name suggests, you can install it on your computer.

      It’s designed and developed for granting speed and flexibility to traders. Moreover, the application comes integrated with lots of advanced features.

      5Paisa Algo Trading

      This is a highly advanced form of automated trading platform. It uses the market data to trade as per pre-defined trading parameters. It’s meant to be used by trading professionals who want to automate their strategies.

      5Paisa Trading Platforms
      Here you will find all the important trading platforms available with 5Paisa 
      Do they have Trading Terminals for Windows? Yes
      Do they have Trading Terminals for Mac? Yes
      Are they providing a Web Trading Platform? Yes
      Do they have a Mobile Web Platform? Yes
      Does this broker provide Mobile Trading App for Android? Yes
      Does this broker provide Mobile Trading App for iOS? Yes
      Are they having Mobile App for Windows OS? No
      Do they have Mobile Trading App for Other OS? No

      What are the features available in 5Paisa Trading Applications?

      5Paisa has given special attention to the development of its trading platforms. They specifically have designed four of them. And, each owner is distinct in terms of features and functionality. Here are the complete details of them all: –

      5Paisa Mobile App Features

      • It is available in Android and iOS-compatible versions. So, you can easily get it from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
      • The UI of this application is really simple. It can be used by both traders and investors.
      • It comes integrated with a feature called the Auto-Investor. This allows the users to select pre-defined investment plans based on their specific goals.
      • It grants real-time trade execution with merely one click. So, there is no chance of missing out on the market.
      • Its design enables the users to execute the detailed analysis. This is possible due to the presence of various multi-asset watch lists and charts.

      5Paisa Web Tradng Platform – 5Paisa Trade Station Web Features

      • It is an innovative trading platform that enables remote trading and investing. Moreover, the users do not require to install it on their systems. It functions based on a web browser.
      • 5 paisa is compatible with multiple versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
      • It comes integrated with a feature called the consolidated view. This enables users to get a glimpse of their portfolios, positions, and holdings. And, all can be accessed all at once.
      • It has an intuitive build. This means that the simple user-friendly interface is understandable to all. Even newbie traders can get comfortable while using it.
      • This comes integrated with advanced charts and analytical tools. This helps to easily analyze the stocks with detailed scrip information.

       Trad5Paisa  – 5Paisa Trade Station EXE Features

      • This is an executable application that needs to be installed on computers. You can get the EXE file from their official website.
      • The application grants lightning-fast trade execution.
      • It comes integrated with high-end security features. This helps to safeguard the transaction and trade-related data.
      • It allows users to create custom wish lists based on personal preferences.
      • The application grants easy and instant fund transfers. This eases the trade functions for the users.
      • Like all other 5Paisa trading platforms, even this boasts a simple UI. This helps the users to easily access all the functionalities.
      5Paisa Trading Application Features
      Here you will find various features available in Trading Platforms provided by 5Paisa 
      Are these platforms capable of Real-time Updates? Yes
      Do these Applications provide Portfolio Details? Yes
      Is this software providing Online MF Buy? Yes
      Do these platforms have News Flash? Yes
      Are these platforms providing Research Reports? Yes
      Are these platforms Easy to Install & use? Yes
      Do these Apps have Global Indices? Yes
      Are these platforms having Stock Tips? Yes
      Does this software provide Personalized Advisory? Yes
      Are these platforms capable of Interactive Charting? Yes
      Do these Apps provide Live Markets data? Yes
      Do they provide SMS Alerts? Yes
      Are they providing Email Alerts? Yes
      Do these platforms have a Multi-Account Management solution? Yes

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      What are the various Products provided by 5Paisa?

      Here’s a list of all 5Paisa Products that you can access: –

      • Equity Trading
      • Currency Trading
      • Options Trading
      • Futures Trading
      Here are the various products provided by 5Paisa 
      Does the broker allow Equity Trading? Yes
      Does the broker allow Commodity Trading? No
      Do they have Currency Trading products available? Yes
      Do they provide Options trading? Yes
      Are the clients allowed to trade in Futures? Yes
      Do they have Mutual Funds as the product? No
      Does the broker allow Forex trading? No
      Does the broker have Banking products? No
      Is SIP allowed by the broker? No
      Do they have Insurance as a Product? No

      What are the various Services offered by 5Paisa?

      The list of all 5Paisa services can be concluded within: –

      • They provide Demat and Trading Services.
      • 5Paisa, provide Intraday Services.
      • They provide IPO Services.
      • It even provides Robo Advisory services.
      • They provide a trading exposure of up to 5 times.
      Check out the various services provided by 5Paisa 
      Does the broking house provide Demat Services? Yes
      Does the broking house provide Trading Services? Yes
      Do they have 3 in 1 Account i.e. Demat, Trading & Savings A/C? No
      Do they provide Intraday Services? Yes
      Are they offering IPO Services to the client? Yes
      Do they have Stock Recommendations available? No
      Are they providing tools for Robo Advisory? Yes
      Does the broker provide PMS? No
      Do they have Trading Institution available? No
      What is the Trading Exposure this broker provides? Upto 5x

      Does 5Paisa provide Research & Advisory to their clients?

      There is not much about 5Paisa research-based services. They only grant advisory on top picks.

      Research, Advisory & Stock Tips
      Here are the various research activities are done by 5Paisa 
      Does the broker share Fundamental Reports? No
      Does the broker share Research Reports? No
      Do they provide Company Reports to their clients? No
      Are they analyzing the Annual Reports of Companies? No
      Do they share Company Stock Reviews? No
      Are they sharing Free Stock Tips with their clients? No
      Do they analyze & share IPO Reports? No
      Does the broking company provide Top Picks? Yes
      Are they sharing Daily Market Review? No
      Do they have Monthly Reports? No
      Does the broker provide Weekly Reports? No
      Are they having Offline Advisory? No
      Do they provide Relationship Managers to clients? No

      What are the Customer Care details of 5Paisa?

      Customer care services are the backbone of a strong and reliable discount broker. However, 5Paisa customer care services are rather confined to a few. Here’s the list of what they grant: –

      • They facilitate online trading through many platforms.
      • They provide the clients with 24*7 support.
      5Paisa Customer Support
      Let’s have a better understanding of the Customer Care Service of 5Paisa 
      Are they providing Dedicated dealers to their clients? No
      Do they allow Offline Trading? No
      Do they have facilities for Online Trading? Yes
      Are they providing 24*7 Support? Yes
      Does this broker provide Email Support? No
      Is this broker having Chat Support? No
      How many Branches the stock broker has? Zero

      Are there any Complaints filed against 5Paisa by their clients?

      5Paisa has satisfactorily served most of its clients. However, there still were a few complaints against them last year.

      They faced 103 and 127 complaints within BSE and NSE respectively. However, 99 and 122 out of those were readily resolved.

      Here you will know about the Complaints lodged against 5Paisa 
      What is the total number of Complaints Lodged in BSE? 103
      How many of these complaints have been Resolved in BSE? 99
      What is the total number of Complaints Lodged in NSE? 127
      How many of these complaints have been Resolved in NSE? 122

      What are the Advantages / Benefits of 5Paisa Trading Account?

      Having a 5Pasia trading account comes with many benefits. Here’s the list of some of them:

      • They grant up to 5 times exposure to trading across different domains.
      • Their trading platforms boast a simple yet effective UI.
      • They allow users to trade in a wide variety of products.
      • 5Paisa even allows trading across all major exchanges.
      • They do not seek any AMC for maintaining trading accounts.
      • They grant easy and integrated bank transactions for all of their platforms.

      What are the 5Paisa Review & Ratings as per their Customer?

      As per 5Paisa Review, they have gained a total of 8.2/10 for their performance. And, anything above 5 is acceptable. They have been rated as follows: –

      • 4.0/10 for research and broking advisory.
      • 9.8/10 for their brokerage and other relevant charges.
      • 6.0/10 for all the products they provide.
      • 7.0/10 for their trading platforms.
      • 7.0/10 for their trading business experience.
      Ratings & Reviews
      We are looking at Company’s Ratings on various parameters
      Stock Market Research & Broking Advisory 4.0/10
      Brokerage & other Charges like – Turnover, Transaction Charges, etc. 9.8/10
      Types of Products & Services the Brand provides 6.0/10
      Performance Mobile App, Trading Terminal & Web Trading Platform 7.0/10
      Experience in the Broking Business 7.0/10
      Total Avg. Rating of Broking House 6.2/10
      Star Rating is given to Stock Broker ★★★☆☆
      Number of People Contributed to These Ratings 667

       5Paisa Conclusion

      We’d like to conclude by stating that 5Paisa is the 2nd largest discount broker in India. And, their performance as a discount broker on the whole is pretty satisfactory.

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