ICICI Direct Review, Special Offers, Demat, Trading A/C and Brokerage

ICICI Direct is the stock brokerage house of ICICI Group and as we all know this financial service company has its own worth.

The article below is about ICICI Direct Review where you will find all the intricate details about the firm, its brokerage charges, account opening and margin charges, exposure, other charges, products and services offered by it and many other facilities that are offered by the firm and about all other aspects of the brokerage house.

ICICI Direct Highlights
Broker TypeFull Service Broker
Demat Account AMCRs.500 per Annum
Margin RequiredMinimum Rs.20,000
Intraday Brokerage0.03% – 0.05%
Delivery Brokerage0.55%
ExposureUpto 16x


What do you know about ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct embarked on the journey in the year 1994 as a public organization. The founder of the firm M K Sharma started this full-service brokerage house with the notion of creating an environment for the investor that is favorable for them.

This ICICI Direct Review will take you through all the aspects of the firm and then you can realize how the firm has created a niche for themselves and helped the stock market investors to thrive and grow. This Mumbai based brokerage house is not only known in the city but all over the country and has huge network and client base.

About ICICI Direct 
Know few details about ICICI Direct 
Which type of Company is it? – Public / PrivatePublic
Which type of Broker is it? – Full Service / DiscountFull Service Broker
Where is the registered office of Company Located?Mumbai, India
Who is the Founder of this Company?M K Sharma
When did the company started?1994

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What are the various Demat Account Opening Charges levied by ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct Demat Account is linked with both the depositories of the country that are NSDL and CDSL. The ICICI Direct Account Opening charges are nil that is you can open your ICICI Direct Demat and Trading account for free.

However, the annual maintenance charges of the Demat account is Rs. 500 per year and for the Trading account it is Rs. 975 which is little too high as compared to other market participants.

The margin charged by the firm is Rs. 20000 which is a little bit high but at par with the similar stock brokerage house of the same level.

ICICI Direct Demat Account Opening Fees
Check out the various fees charged for Opening a Demat Account with ICICI Direct 
Which is the Depository Participant involved?NSDL & CDSL
What are the Demat account opening charges?Zero
How much is the Demat AMC?Rs.500 per Annum
What is the Trading AMC?Rs.975
What is the initial Margin amount required?Minimum Rs.20,000
Is dematerialization available?No

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Does ICICI Direct provide any Offers to their Clients?

If you are looking at what the ICICI Direct Offers are then here is the list for you –

  • You get happy hours to trade when you can save a lot of brokerages otherwise you would have to pay
  • You get flexible brokerage plans as per your investment goals and nothing can be better than that, isn’t it?
  • If you are keen to refer the brokerage house and earn some extra cash, or you know many interested people who will invest with ICICI Direct, then using the referral offer of the firm, you can join their Referral program.
  • No profit – no brokerage, yes, you heard that right, if your trade is making losses, no need to pay any brokerage on such trades.
ICICI Direct Offers
Here are the various offers provided by ICICI Direct 
Does the broker provide Free Demat A/C offer?No
Does the broker provide Free Trading A/C offer?No
Is this broker offers Discount on Brokerage?No
Does the broker offer Happy hour trading to their clients?Yes
Is the broking house provides flexible brokerage plan?Yes
Does the broker offer 1 month Free brokerage?No
Is the Holiday offers provided by the broker?No
Are there any referral offers shared by the broker?Yes
Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesYes

What are the Brokerage Charges levied by ICICI Direct on various Segments?

ICICI Direct Brokerage Charges is not fixed charges rather it varies and it is flexible. Only for the equity delivery segment, it is fixed at 0.55% as you can check in the above table, for the rest of the segments, it is within the range of 0.03% to 0.05%.

Even for the options category, the charges vary from Rs. 35 to Rs. 95 per lot (equity options) and for the currency options it is as mentioned in the table from Rs. 10 to Rs. 35 only.

ICICI Direct charges a minimum brokerage on any trade you make. The minimum brokerage per transaction is Rs. 35 which is nominal as per the market average.

ICICI Direct Brokerage Charges 
Here you will find details of brokerage levied by ICICI Direct on all segments
What are the Equity Delivery Charges?0.55%
What are the Equity Intraday Charges?0.03% – 0.05%
How much brokerage charged for Commodity Trading?NA
What is the brokerage on Equity Futures?0.03% – 0.05%
How much brokerage charged for Equity Options?Rs.35 – Rs.95 per Lot
What is the brokerage on Currency Futures?0.03% – 0.05%
What is the brokerage on Currency Options?Rs.10 – Rs.35 per Lot
How much is the Minimum Brokerage requires?Rs.35 per Trade
What is the Demat AMC?Rs.500 per Annum
How much is the Trading AMC?Rs.975 per Annum
What is the Minimum Margin Required?Minimum Rs.20,000

Does ICICI Direct levy any other charges apart from Brokerage?

The ICICI Direct Charges apart from the brokerage and account opening charges are the statutory charges. These are the SEBI turnover, STT and other charges applicable on any trade and on any brokerage house. So, these charges are inevitable but these charges are also similar for every brokerage house.

ICICI Direct Charges
Get deep understanding of all other charges levied by ICICI Direct 
How much is the Transaction Charges levied?0.00280% of Total Turnover
What are the STT charges?0.0126% of Total Turnover
What are the SEBI Turnover charges?0.0002% of Total Turnover
How much is the Stamp Duty levied?Depends on State (very minimal)
How are the GST charged?18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

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What is the Limit or Exposure offered by ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct Exposure is low compared to other stock brokerage house of its stature. However, it still provides an ample opportunity for ICICI Direct Margin trading and the maximum leverage you get is in the intraday segment which is 16 times.

Apart from that, as you can see the exposure in the commodity segment is high up to 12 times. For the other segments, the exposure level can be said to be lower.

ICICI Direct Exposure or Leverage
Here you will find the exposure or limit provided by it
How much is the limit on Equity Delivery?Upto 8x
What is the limit on Equity Intraday?Upto 16x
How much is the limit on Equity Futures?Upto 8x
What is the limit on Equity Options?Upto 5x
What is the exposure on Currency Futures?Upto 8x
How much is the leverage on Currency Options?Upto 8x
What is the limit on Commodity Trading?Upto 12x

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How to Open ICICI Direct Demat & Trading Account?

To Open ICICI Direct Demat Account and trading account, you have to –

  1. Click on the button you found on this article for opening Demat and Trading Account with ICICI Direct
  2. Once you click, you will be landing on a webpage where you have to fill in all your details – DOB, NAME, Occupation, Address, and other such personal details
  3. Once submitted the form, then you have to upload the scan copies of the documents mentioned there. The Documents usually includes – PAN, Address Proof, Bank Account Details, and other similar documents and now AADHAAR Is mandatory.
  4. Once you successfully upload all the documents, then the executives from ICICI Direct will call you on the number provided on the form.
  5. They will guide you from there and your account will be on within a few hours.

It is not very difficult to Open ICICI Direct Trading Account and Demat account, you just need to go step by step and carefully enter all your details and upload the documents.

What are the various Trading Platforms provided by ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct Trading Platforms are offered across all devices, you can use the terminal from your laptop and desktop and you can also trade using the Web version from the website using the internet. There is also ICICI Direct Mobile App for you when you are traveling and cannot use the laptop or the desktop for trading.

ICICI Direct Trading Terminal: ICICI Direct Trade Racer

It is known as the Trade Racer. The trading terminal offers all the possible services and products offered by the firm to trade. The features of the trading terminal are vast and this helps your trading experience better. The terminal is one of the fastest in the industry helping you to secure your targeted price on which you want to trade.

ICICI Direct Web-based Platform: ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web

This platform is for them who wants to use the web-browser and trade. This is a simpler online version of the TRADE RACER terminal software. This platform also offers all the features and services offered by the firm which will be discussed below.

ICICI Direct Mobile App:

The mobile application offered by ICICI is superfast and got plenty of features to woo you and assist you in your trading while you are on the move. It is lightweight and does not consume that much of space on your phone neither much data.

ICICI Direct Trading Platforms
Here you will find all the important trading platforms available with ICICI Direct 
Do they have Trading Terminals for Windows?Yes
Do they have Trading Terminals for Mac?Yes
Are they providing Web Trading Platform?Yes
Do they have Mobile Web Platform?Yes
Does this broker provide Mobile Trading App for Android?Yes
Does this broker provide Mobile Trading App for iOS?Yes
Are they having Mobile App for Windows OS?No
Do they have Mobile Trading App for Other OS?No

What are the features available in ICICI Direct Trading Applications?

ICICI Direct Trading Terminal: ICICI Direct Trade Racer Features

The features of ICICI Direct Trading Terminal are –

  • You can check all the scrips of the stocks/shares that you are interested in on one single screen. You can add and remove the one you want. It is fully customizable.
  • There is Live scanner feature available in this platform. You can use the Live Scanner to identify the stocks that are rising or declining in price and are on the higher and the lower side of the scale as per the price.
  • There is also heatmap feature which helps by highlighting the stocks which are making highs and lows and for the same you do not have to check and compare the numbers, your eyes will automatically check those scrips as those get highlighted in a different color
  • Ample charts and technical tools for analysis purpose are available

ICICI Direct Web-based Platform: ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web Features

ICICI Direct Web Trading Platform have features like –

  • Streaming of quotes and live market updates
  • You can make up to five different watch list for different segments or as per your requirement
  • There are a variety of alerts that you can set for keeping up with the market updates and notification
  • There is a Drag and Drop Widget

ICICI Direct Mobile Application: ICICI Direct Mobile App Features

The ICICI Direct Trading App for the mobile phone is handy and simple to use with exceptional features –

  • You get all the updates about the market with your smartphone only
  • Track your portfolio and trade using your smartphone via this application
  • All the live research calls and market tips are available on this application
ICICI Direct Trading Application Features
Here you will find various features available in Trading Platforms provided by ICICI Direct 
Are these platforms capable of Real time Updates?Yes
Do these Applications provide Portfolio Details?Yes
Are this software’s providing Online MF Buy?Yes
Do these platforms have News Flash?Yes
Are these platforms providing Research Reports?Yes
Are these platforms Easy to Install & use?Yes
Do these Apps have Global Indices?Yes
Are these platforms having Stock Tips?Yes
Do this software’s provide Personalized Advisory?Yes
Are these platforms capable of Interactive Chartings?Yes
Do these Apps provide Live Markets data?Yes
Do they provide SMS Alerts?Yes
Are they providing Email Alerts?Yes
Do these platforms has Multi Account Management solution?Yes

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What are the various Products provided by ICICI Direct?

The range of ICICI Direct Products are vast including all the basic products of a stock brokerage house as well as many other financial instruments to trade and invest your money into. It has banking and forex products as well which are not very common with stockbrokers.

It is because of the banking business of ICICI. It makes the transaction of fund easier as you get three-in-one account where your bank account is linked with your Demat and Trading account.

ICICI Direct Products
Here are the various products provided by ICICI Direct 
Does the broker allow Equity Trading?Yes
Does the broker allow Commodity Trading?No
Do they have Currency Trading product available?Yes
Do they provide Options trading?Yes
Are the clients allowed to trade in Futures?Yes
Do they have Mutual Funds as product?Yes
Does the broker allow Forex trading?Yes
Does the broker have Banking products?Yes
Is SIP allowed by the broker?Yes
Do they have Insurance as a Product?Yes

What are the various Services offered by ICICI Direct?

There are no possible services under the sub provided by the stock brokerage houses that ICICI doesn’t provide. The list of ICICI Direct Services given above which you can refer to has all the services that you can opt for.

Starting from the fundamental services like Demat and trading, the firm provides PMS and Robo Advisory services too. There are even trading institution available on their website which makes the investor learn new things about the market.

ICICI Direct Services
Check out the various services provided by it
Does the broking house provide Demat Services?Yes
Does the broking house provide Trading Services?Yes
Do they have 3 in 1 Account i.e. Demat, Trading & Savings A/C?Yes
Do they provide Intraday Services?Yes
Are they offering IPO Services to the client?Yes
Do they have Stock Recommendations available?Yes
Are they providing tools for Robo Advisory?Yes
Does the broker provide PMS?Yes
Do they have Trading Institution available?Yes
What is the Trading Exposure this broker provides?Upto 16x

Does ICICI Direct provide Research & Advisory to their clients?

ICICI Direct Research services are one of the most sought after research services in the country and in this industry. They have lots of things to offer to the investors and they put their heart and soul into the research for finding out the opportunities for the investors.

If you check the list above, there are almost all kind of reports and recommendations they provide to the clients and the investors. The ICICI Direct Advisory helps the investors both online and offline if they need any advice regarding the trades.

The research analysts are prudent enough to provide ICICI Direct Tips on stocks and other financial instruments which are appropriate most of the time.

ICICI Direct Research, Advisory & Stock Tips
Here are the various research activities done by it
Does the broker shares Fundamental Reports?Yes
Does the broker shares Research Reports?Yes
Do they provide Company Reports to their clients?Yes
Are they analysing Annual Reports of Companies?Yes
Do they share Company Stock Review?Yes
Are they sharing Free Stock Tips to their clients?No
Do they analyze & share IPO Reports?Yes
Does the broking company provide Top Picks?No
Are they sharing Daily Market Review?Yes
Do they have Monthly Reports?Yes
Does the broker provide Weekly Reports?Yes
Are they having Offline Advisory?Yes
Do they provide Relationship Manager to clients?Yes

What are the Customer Care details of ICICI Direct?

ICICI Direct Customer Care services can be availed at all time and they have a well-trained and dedicated team of customer care executives. You can reach them via Chat support ad they will also help you regarding all your online trading queries and issues.

They have a Dedicated Dealer service available as well. The number of branches of the firm which are there in the country across the cities is more than two hundred where you can also visit and they will address your issues and queries.

ICICI Direct Customer Support
Let’s have a better understanding of Customer Care Service
Are they providing Dedicated Dealer to their clients?Yes
Do they allow Offline Trading?No
Do they have facilities for Online Trading?Yes
Are they providing 24*7 Support?Yes
Does this broker provide Email Support?No
Is this broker having Chat Support?No
How many Branches the stock broker has?226

Are there any Complaints filed against ICICI Direct by their clients?

The ICICI Direct Complaints which were registered in the NSE and BSE last year were resolved within the same year and in this year except a few.

The number of unresolved problems as you can see in the above table is very less given to the actual number of issues registered. This depicts the way the firm handles its customers and their issues.

ICICI Direct Complaints
Here you will know about the Complaints lodged against ICICI Direct 
What is the total number of Complaints Lodged in BSE?225
How many of these complaints have been Resolved in BSE?215
What is the total number of Complaints Lodged in NSE?196
How many of these complaints have been Resolved in NSE?182

What are the Advantages / Benefits of ICICI Direct Trading Account?

The main benefits of opening ICICI Direct Trading Account are –

  • You get ample of products and services to choose from for your investment portfolio
  • You get the Demat account and the Trading account for free
  • The margin trading facility is good and you get exposure up to 16 times
  • The brokerage plan is flexible and the range of brokerage charges is also average and at par with the market
  • The firm provides ample opportunity to the investors by sharing stock recommendations, stock tips and other research and analytical data and information
  • Great customer care services available round the clock
  • Three-in-one account

What are the ICICI Direct Review & Ratings as per their Customer?

ICICI Direct Rating suggests that the transaction charges, turnover charges and brokerage charges, trading platforms, research, and advisory services are well accepted by the clients and the investors.

However, ICICI Direct Review from the customers suggests that the products and the services are not that much liked by the investors. The overall experience of the customers, according to the rating is great which hikes the overall rating of the firm.

ICICI Direct Ratings & Reviews
We are looking at Companies Ratings on various parameters
Stock Market Research & Broking Advisory7.5/10
Brokerage & other Charges like – Turnover, Transaction Charges etc.8.9/10
Types of Products & Services the Brand provides6.0/10
Performance Mobile App, Trading Terminal & Web Trading Platform8.5/10
Experience in the Broking Business8.5/10
Total Avg. Rating of Broking House7.9/10
Star Rating of given to Stock Broker★★★★★
Number of People Contributed to these Ratings1488

ICICI Direct Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that ICICI Direct provides all the products and services required by any investor in this industry.

As per the ICICI Direct Review, the investors and the clients also finds the firm reliable especially when it comes to the research and analysis services. Overall, the clients are happy and satisfied with the services of the firm.

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