Anand Rathi Demat Account – Find Benefits, Account Opening Process & more

Largely famous for its exciting trading exposure of up to 21x, Anand Rathi offers a wide range of products and services. Now, we are here to discuss the Anand Rathi Demat account, along with the complimentary Anand Rathi Trading Account.

Anand Rathi is a respectable full-service stockbroking company that is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company started its operations back in 1994, and today, they are among the best stock trading companies in India.

Since the company has credibility, we will talk about various aspects to figure out whether or not you should open an account with them.

The depository participant is CDSL, while the availability of the Dematerialization of shares is against the company, but the overall pricing structure is compelling. Let us dive in to get more information in this article.

Depository Participant CDSL
Account Opening Charges Rs.550
Demat AMC Rs 299 + s. tax (2nd year Onwards)
Trading AMC Zero
Margin Required 75% Margin
Dematerialization Available No


What is Anand Rathi Demat Account & its Benefits?

The company has been around for over 26 years. So, they are competent enough to deliver top-tier services. A Demat account lets you keep your holdings. It also accounts for your holdings in shares and other financial products daily.

For now, let us check the reasons why we should consider opening an Anand Rathi Demat account:

  • The first thing that you will notice is the level of professionalism. They are true to their commitments and deliver timely reports of various stock market updates.
  • The experienced team will guide you whenever you seek advice. So, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have ample industry knowledge. They will provide decent tips to earn profits.
  • What is interesting and exciting is their Private Wealth Management services.
  • There will be a dedicated Relationship Manager. So, your queries will be resolved faster than other companies.
  • The Research and advisory service is something that most clients get excited about. The clients will be benefited most from these incredible services.

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    What is Anand Rathi Trading Account & its Benefits?

    Trading accounts are crucial and mandatory, even to trade online. It allows for ease in trade and profit earning, where it connects the demat and bank account. So, when profits flow in on account of a sales order, the bank account is credited, and demat account is debit and vice versa.

    The company understands the present market demand and therefore availed the service packed with some useful benefits. They are as follows:

    • The first thing that we must mention is brokerage fees. The fees are dynamic, and the best part is it is well below what most companies charge.
    • The AMC fee is nil when it comes to the Anand Rathi Trading account.
    • There are discounts on brokerage available to their clients, as well as flexible brokerage plans in the offering.
    • Before conventional stock trading, the company also offers services like Commodity Trading, Currency Trading, Options, Futures, Mutual Funds, and SIPs.
    • There are other additional services that they offer – IPO, Stock Recommendations, and PMS.
    • The trading platforms are well industry-ready as there are Mobile apps available to both Android and iOS users. Also, you have the Mac version of the desktop application along with the Windows version to access your Trading account from all devices.

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    What is the Anand Rathi Demat Account Charges?

    Which is the Depository Participant involved? CDSL
    What are the Demat account opening charges? Rs.550
    How much is the Demat Account AMC? Rs 299 + s. tax (2nd year Onwards)
    What is the Trading Account AMC? Zero
    What is the initial Margin amount required? 75% Margin
    Is there any dematerialization available? No

    Now that we know a bit about the Demat and the Trading accounts along with their significant benefits, it is time to know the Anand Rathi account opening charges, or, more precisely, the Anand Rathi Demat account charges. The cost is Rs.550, which is, of course, a one-time payment.

    Sadly, that is not the only payment that a client must make to start trading. There is this margin money of a minimum of 75% Margin that every trader must pay upfront. The critics believe that the amount shouldn’t be more than Rs.10,000, but unfortunately, that is not the case here.

    We agree that it is a bit tough for those traders who are recently showing interest in investing and wanted to go slow at first.

    How much is Anand Rathi AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge?

    The AMC or the Annual Maintenance Charge is typically the yearly fee that a client pays for the service they get for a year. Here, the Anand Rathi AMC for the Trading account is Zero.

    However, for the Demat account, the clients must pay Rs.299 + Tax per annum. As per most industry experts, the fee is justifiable compared to most rival stock trading companies.

    How to Open Anand Rathi Demat Account?

    Anand Rathi offers a composite account that contains both the Demat account and the Trading account. So, when you are paying Rs.750, you are registering for both accounts. So, down below are the steps to open an Anand Rathi Demat account:

    • Follow this button on the page, which has the inscription “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” at the top of the page. Click on that.
    • You will soon get a page containing a form. Of course, you need to fill it up with the correct information and also check the services you are interested in. Finally, click “Submit.”
    • You then need to wait till one of the agents from Anand Rathi contacts you to upload your KYC documents.
    • At the same time, you need to make the payment of Rs.750. Of course, the agent will guide you with that.
    • Once they verify your documents, you will get an email that consists of all the necessary login details to access the Demat and Trading accounts.
    • You can, after that, log in and start trading stocks.

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    General FAQs on Anand Rathi Demat & Trading Account

    Here are the general FAQs of Anand Rathi :

    Does Anand Rathi provide a Free Demat A/C offer?

    No. Unfortunately, the Demat accounts are not free to register.

    Does Anand Rathi provide Free Trading A/C offer?

    No. Sadly, the Trading accounts are not free to register.

    Is Anand Rathi offering Discounts on Brokerage?

    Yes, absolutely. Discounts on Brokerage fees are available. Contact Anand Rathi’s support to know more about it.

    Does Anand Rathi offer Happy hour trading to their clients?

    No. Regrettably, the Happy Trading Hour service is not available.

    Is Anand Rathi providing a flexible brokerage plan?

    Yes sure. Flexible brokerage plans are available. We request you contact the support team for more information.

    Anand Rathi Demat Account – Conclusion

    It is not a secret that Anand Rathi is one of the well-known stock trading companies that have tremendous credibility. So, the idea of opening an Anand Rathi Demat account is not out of the horizon. The brokerage fee and the trading exposures are its biggest USPs.

    At the same time, the trading platform and the variety of products and services also put more weight. The drawback is, of course, the margin money. So, if you are serious and ready to invest, this can be an ideal place to start.

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