Top 10 Trading Platforms in India – Find Best Trading Platforms in India

It will be always beneficial for you to know about the top 10 trading platforms in India but before that, we need to understand what makes them rank in this category.

Also, In this article, you will get to know about the names of the best trading platforms, and along with this, we will analyze the reason behind this.

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In order to analyze this, we have listed down the 5 most important factors which will help us to determine which is the best trading platform in India.

The Parameters are –

  • Easy Installation & Login Process
  • User Experience & User Interface
  • Fast & Smooth Operation
  • High-End Features
  • Reliable & Best Performance

Top 10 Trading Platforms in India – List of Best Trading Platforms in India

A trading platform is an intermediary software that will be provided by the stockbroker for the trader.

With the help of this trading tool, the client can able to place their order and for this, the client doesn’t need to call the broker or visit the office.

There is no doubt that the trading platforms have made interaction and trading much simpler and it has taken off the load from the broker.

The names of the top 10 trading platforms are mentioned below –

Ranking Best Trading Platforms
1 Zerodha Kite Web
2 Kotak Securities iTrade
3 Sharekhan Trade Tiger
4 Angel Broking Trade
5 5Paisa Trade Station
6 Motilal Oswal MO Trader
7 Indiabulls Ventures Shubh
8 Axis Direct Web Trading
9 ICICI Direct Trade Racer
10 Edelweiss Terminal X3

There are many benefits that you can get from trading platforms as the trading platforms will help you to provide the latest update about the current prices of stocks.

Along with this, to make the order easy every trading platform will provide a user-friendly and convenient way.

Data confidentiality and visual representation of data can also be provided for the user through trading platforms.

Let’s have a detailed analysis of all the parameters used to rank these trading platforms.

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    Best Trading Platforms with Easy Installation & Login Process

    Zerodha kite web is comparatively easy and more user-friendly than the others and this is why it gets the top rank in easy installation. You can install this app on your Android and IOS phone.

    With the help of this app, you can keep updated about the market, advanced charts, and an elegant UI. It is free for all customers for trading and monitoring the stocks and commodities in India.

    The installation process and speed are comparatively easy and simple than Kotak securities iTrade and Angel broking trade.

    Top Trading Platforms with Great User Experience and User Interface

    In this parameter, Zerodha kite web gets the first position whereas Kotak securities iTrade and Angel broking trade gets the second and third position.

    There is a point to deny the fact that Zerodha is offering the best trading platforms and tools for customers.

    This is why it becomes easy for the customer to get information about the stock and along with this; with the help of the Kite trading app, they can place an order without visiting the office.

    In fact, to make this process easier for the customer, the company also created videos like how to trade by using the platform.

    Along with this, the trading platform also helps the customer to keep a close eye on the speed of the process.

    Top 10 Trading Platforms in India

    Best Trading Platforms Having Fast and Smooth Operations

    Based on the offers and ability to fulfill the requirement of the customers, Kotak securities trades gets the first position among the top 10 trading platforms.

    Kotak securities offer multiple trading platforms and this is why it can able to fulfill the requirement of the customers.

    Among the multiple trading platforms, it is providing website-based trading which can be accessed easily through a popular web browser and it is the most convenient way to invest in Kotak securities.

    Apart from this, it will also offer two different tradings terminal-based applications such as FASTLANE and KEATProX which are very popular among stock traders for providing smooth and fast operations.

    After the Kotak securities, the Sharekhan trade tiger and Angel broking trade get the position of numbers 2 and 3.

    Top 10 Trading Platforms with High-End Features

    If your broking house is updating its news and features every now and then in order to provide the best information to its customers, then it is quite natural that customers will be happy to get high-quality features.

    Among the top 10 trading platforms, the Sharekhan trade tiger provides the best feature.

    It is providing high performance and speed and this is why the Sharekhan trade tiger gets the first position and after that Kotak securities iTrade and Motilal Oswal MO trader.

    Sharekhan trade tiger will provide video tutorials for the users in order to get a clear idea about every feature of the Sharekhan trade tiger.

    The platform is already loaded with more than 30 new strategies. In this platform, you can place bulk orders in one go, and direct integration with third-party software analysis is allowed.

    Best Trading Platforms Having Most Reliable and Best Performance

    Kotak securities iTrade gets the topmost rank in this parameter. The best trading platform needs to come with multiple access options so that customers can get the flexibility to trade from anywhere.

    Therefore, to keep this thing in mind, Kotak security provides multiple trading options to provide a good trading experience for every customer.

    Along with this, they also offer different account types based on the customer requirement and because of this, they can provide the best service to their customer.

    With smart trading tools, it will help traders to analyze market trends and get real-time insights and this is why it becomes the most reliable one.

    Top 10 Trading Platforms in India – Conclusion

    Be it, an intraday trader or delivery investor, all of them will look for a trading platform that is updated, running fast, and provide all type of analytics charts.

    This article has provided enough information regarding the best trading platforms available. Hence, you can choose the one which is the best fit for you.

    We hope this article, helps you to decide on a Trading Platform to choose from.

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