Top 10 Mobile Trading Apps in India – Find Best Mobile Trading Apps

Before you are coming into a conclusion about the top 10 mobile trading apps in India, you need to understand what makes them rank under this category and the reason behind this.

Therefore, to give you a clear picture we have listed down 5 most important factors which can help you to determine the trading brokers in India.

We just need to look at these parameters before we are taking any certain decision about the best trading apps.

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The five factors which help you to understand the best mobile trading apps are mentioned below

  • User experience and user interface
  • Fast and smooth operations
  • High-end features
  • Reliable and best performance
  • User reviews and ratings

Mobile trading apps or applications can be used in the stockbroking industry at a very fast pace.  The dependency for waiting for the newspaper or television update has gone by totally ever since trading has been made possible via mobile apps.

In recent times, with the help of technology, you can able to use to phone for trading. Stockbroker houses have now introduced with mobile trading applications which can be downloaded on your phone to get regular updates and prices.

Due to the advancements and innovations in technology, many industries have changed approaches and processes.

Top 10 Mobile Trading Apps in India – List of Best Mobile Trading Apps

Ranking Mobile Trading Apps
1 Zerodha Kite App
2 Sharekhan Mobile App
3 Motilal Oswal MO Trader App
4 Kotak Securities Stock Trader App
5 Angel Broking Mobile App
6 5Paisa Mobile App
7 ICICI Direct Mobile App
8 Indiabulls Ventures Shubh App
9 Axis Direct Mobile App
10 Edelweiss Mobile Trader App

Now, Let’s have a detailed analysis of parameters & which brokers are best in them.

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    Best Trading APPs by User experience and user interface

    Zerodha kite mobile app is available in both android and ios devices and it is one of the fastest performance trading applications in India which can able to provide high volume trades on a daily basis.

    One of the main reasons for the popularity is that it has certain quick tab options. For instance, you don’t need to go to the navigation button; the relevant button would be readily available.

    One quick tab is the portfolio which will show the details about the holdings and positions. People like it more than 5paisa mobile app and Indiabulls ventures Shubh app because it has biometric features, instant order update after placing an order, more filter and search options on market watch.

    There is no doubt that it is one of the simplest trading apps available in the India stock market.Top 10 Mobile Trading Apps

    Top Trading APPs with Fast and Smooth Operations

    In this parameter, the Zerodha kite app is a platform that can be used for modern times and sensibilities. Ground-breaking innovations presented with excellent usability and you need to accept the fact that investing in the stock markets has never been this easy.

    With the help of carefully designed UI, buying, selling, analyzing and managing your portfolio are just a click away.

    Along with this, you can keep your trading edge sharp with the data widgets that will bring live ticks, quotes, order alerts and more and this is why most people prefer kite app more than Sharekhan mobile app or angel booking mobile app.

    Zerodha customers can able to trade in equity, currency derivatives, and commodity through this Zerodha kite mobile app.

    Best Mobile Trading APPs with High-End Features

    Kotak securities stock trader app is available for android, ios and windows, and java operating system. The office customers and non-customers can use the free version.

    With the help of this app, you can check the market every time and you can also get their trading. People are willing to download the trading apps which will provide better features and Kotak securities stock trader app is giving the better feature than angel broking mobile app and Motilal Oswal MO trader app.

    By using this app you can track your portfolio and you can access the changes in real-time. Along with this, you will also get a margin checking feature and funds transfer features.

    This app will provide the best security option to make the customers feel safe. The app will make every feature of online trading available for the customer.

    Top 10 Trading APPs having Reliable and Best Performance

    When it comes to the reliable and best performance, then Sharekhan mobile app gets the topmost position.

    The brand offers high trust with years of experience in the industry. It will provide additional security layers for the users. The Sharekhan mobile app will provide better user experience in terms of navigation, a lesser number of user click and overall usability.

    Along with this, the app will offer a wide range of features and it will give options for the users to analyze their performance.  This is why it gets the first position in comparison to the other top 10 trading apps.

    Best Mobile Trading APPs by User Review and Ratings

    Among the top 10 trading apps, Zerodha kite app gets the first position for user review and ratings.

    Zerodha kite app will provide high-class technology, unique trading tools and three-way platforms and this is why customers are giving good reviews. There is no doubt that it is one of the best trading apps because it can able to satisfy both casual and active investors.

    Because of their offers, it can able to take the topmost position and after the Zerodha kite app, Sharekhan mobile app is on the second position and Kotak securities stock trader app is on the third position.

    Top 10 Mobile Trading APPs – Conclusion

    So, the above discussion will help you to find the best trading apps among the top 10 trading apps. When you are choosing the best trading app, then you need to consider the 5 parameters very closely and then only you need to take your decision.

    All the top 10 trading apps have their own features and facilities but based on the customer review and performance you need to analyze the best one.

    It is also advised to check the multiple trading apps to get a better understanding before you are investing in some particular brokerage house.

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