Swastika Investmart Demat Account – Find Benefits, Account Opening Process & more

There can be a lot many reasons to open a Swastika Investmart Demat Account, which we will discuss today. For starters, the Depository Participants are both CDSL & NSDL, while Dematerialization is available for depletion. Swastika Investmart Trading account comes along with a fine share of perks as well.

For over 27 years, Swastika Investmart has been a top-notch stock trading company in India. It is a private limited company to date that offers a wide variety of stock trading products and services.

Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
Account Opening Charges Rs 150
Demat AMC Rs 295 with GST
Trading AMC Rs 0 (Free)
Margin Required 75% Margin
Dematerialization Available Yes

Swastika Investmart Offers

What is Swastika Investmart Demat Account & its Benefits?

A demat account lets you enjoy the facilities of share ownership and storage. You can put in your share and securities in a safe place with the ownership of a demat account.  Demat account provides you with digitalization at its best.

There are tons of noteworthy benefits to opening up a Swastika Investmart Demat account. Down below, we have located some of the significant reasons:

  • They have years of experience in dealing with stock trading services. So, whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie, they will guide you in the best way possible.
  • They offer a wide range of stock trading products and services that includes Delivery, Intraday, Commodities, Futures, Options, and many more.
  • The brokerage fee structure is mostly industry standard.
  • They offer top-notch Research & Advisory support.
  • One of the compelling reasons one should choose Swastika Investmart is because of the robust Trading Platforms that they provide.

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    What is Swastika Investmart Trading Account & its Benefits?

    With a trading account, you will have access to the medium through which you can perform trading activities. You need the trading account to place an order for starters, and hence, owning an account is necessary for active trading.

    Some of the crucial benefits that come with a Swastika Investmart Trading Account are as follows:

    • The brokerage fees for most of their products and services are reasonable as per most industry critics. Also, the prices that they charge are dynamic. So, you will only pay for what you are buying.
    • The depository participants are both CDSL and NSDL.
    • For the Trading accounts, there are no AMC involved.
    • They provide service to both online and offline users.
    • They offer flexible brokerage plans.
    • Apart from regular stock trading services, they also provide services related to Mutual Funds and SIPs.
    • They offer up to 6x trading exposure.
    • There are 20 branches spread across the country where they provide services, and they do deliver services via dedicated dealers.

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    What are the Swastika Investmart Demat Account Charges?

    Which is the Depository Participant involved? CDSL & NSDL
    What are the Demat account opening charges? Rs 150
    How much is the Demat Account AMC? Rs 295 with GST
    What is the Trading Account AMC? Zero
    What is the initial Margin amount required? 75% Margin
    Is there any dematerialization available? Yes

    A Swastika Investmart composite account has a Demat and a Trading account. The Swastika Investmart account opening charge is a one-time payment of Rs 150. So, you must also understand that there are no additional Swastika Investmart Demat account charges that you must pay.

    This one-time fee will also cover the Trading account opening fees. Now, what is interesting is the margin money threshold. They charge a 75% Margin upfront as the margin money.

    Now, according to most industry experts, this fee is significantly higher than most rival stock trading companies. It is, therefore, a bit problematic if you are a new trader looking to start investing low.

    How much is Swastika Investmart AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge?

    Now that you know about the account opening fees, it is time to discuss the Swastika Investmart AMC. For the Demat accounts, they charge Rs 295 with GST as the Annual Maintenance Charge. Some people argue that it is on the higher side. Some also suggest it to be free.

    However, that is not the case here. One good news, however, is the Trading account doesn’t have an AMC that you must pay every year. It is free to use.

    How to Open Swastika Investmart Demat Account?

    The steps to open a Swastika Investmart Demat account are as follows:

    • The first and obvious step is to click on the button, i.e. the banner, “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” provided on this webpage.
    • You will get a new registration form in front of you. Fill it up and then click on submit, following which you will be redirected to the KYC page.
    • Then they will ask for all the relevant documents to wrap up the KYC verification process. Documents include a PAN card, an Aadhaar card, a passport-size photo, and a canceled cheque. Simultaneously, you need to pay a fee of Rs 150, which is for opening up the account.
    • Once the KYC is done, the authority will call you up and also confirm the payment, thereby granting you access to your accounts.

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    General FAQs on Swastika Investmart Demat & Trading Account

    Here are the general FAQs of Swastika Investmart :

    Does Swastika Investmart provide a Free Demat A/C offer?

    No. The willing trader must pay a one-time fee of Rs 150 to open up a composite account that consists of a Demat and a Trading account.

    Does Swastika Investmart provide Free Trading A/C offer?

    Well, technically, it is free. However, a trader must pay Rs 150 for the composite account that consists of a Demat as well as a Trading account.

    Is Swastika Investmart offering Discounts on Brokerage?

    Sadly, Swastika Investmart doesn’t offer any discount on brokerage fees.

    Does Swastika Investmart offer Happy hour trading to their clients?

    As of now, Swastika Investmart doesn’t offer Trading Happy Hours.

    Is Swastika Investmart providing a flexible brokerage plan?

    Yes, Swastika Investmart does provide flexible brokerage plans. Please contact them for more information.

    Swastika Investmart Demat Account – Conclusion

    After careful observation, we have figured out that Swastika Investmart is a reliable stock trading company. The brokerage fees suit the pocket, Research, and Advisory services are well-curated, and of course, the Trading Platforms are top-tired.

    They, however, lack a bit in providing stock trading offers and discounts, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are a decent company.

    The complaint ratios are reasonable, considering they are in this business for quite some time now. So, we believe it is safe to open a Swastika Investmart Demat account without any hesitation.

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