Swastika Investmart Charges – Find Brokerage, Account Opening, Transaction Charges & more

The primary focus of this article will revolve around the Swastika Investment Brokerage Charges. Traders will find here all the details of the Swastika Investment charges levied by this top-notch broker house.

The charges levied by a broker house are always the primary concern of a trader and investor. They compare the brokerage charges of numerous companies before trading with the one they find affordable.

Swastika Investment is a famous broker house in the nation that is renowned for its competitive costs. This article will be a useful tool for investors to decide whether the Swastika Investment Charges are affordable and whether they should trade with this company.

Equity Delivery Trading 0.50%
Equity Intraday Trading 0.10%
Margin Money 75% Margin
Margin Funding Charges 18% + GST
Reactivation Charges Rs 50 per instruction

Swastika Investmart Offers

What are the Swastika Investment Brokerage Charges?

Brokerage Charges
What are the Equity Delivery Charges? 0.50%
What are the Equity Intraday Charges? 0.10%
What is the brokerage on Equity Futures? 0.10%
How much brokerage charged for Equity Options? Rs 72 per lot
What is the brokerage on Currency Futures? 0.10%
What is the brokerage on Currency Options? Rs 72 per lot
How much brokerage charged for Commodity Trading? 0.02%
Brokerage Calculator Swastika Investmart Brokerage Calculator

The Swastika Investment Charges are divided into specific sections that solely depend on the financial product one is trading in. Traders get a wide range of options to trade in with this broker house that includes Equities, Futures, Options, Currencies, and Commodities.

Clients can check out the brokerage fees and invest at their convenience. The brokerage on Equity Delivery is 0.50%. Charges levied on Equity Intraday are from 0.10%. The Swastika Investment Brokerage imposed on Equity Futures is also 0.10%.

This broker house charges Rs.72 from traders for trading one lot of Equity Options. Brokerage for Currency Futures is 0.10% and that for Commodity Trading is 0.02%. Swastika Investmart keeps its brokerage charges very minimal.

This is why they levy only Rs.72 for trading a lot of Currency Options. To make the whole process more accessible for the clients, we have introduced a smart brokerage calculator. Clients can easily calculate the brokerage they are due to pay ahead of placing an order.

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    What are the Swastika Investment Account Opening Charges?

    Account Opening Charges
    Are there any Trading Account Charges [One Time]? Rs 0 (Free)
    How much is the Trading Account AMC [Yearly]? Rs 0 (Free)
    Are there any Demat Charges [One Time]? Rs 150
    How much is the Demat AMC [Yearly]? Rs 295 with GST
    Is any minimum Margin Money required? 75% Margin

    Almost all the broker houses have a fixed account opening charge that a client has to pay for opening a Demat and Trading account with it. Swastika Investment also charges an account opening fee, but that is very minimal and can be afforded by a trader.

    The Swastika Investment Account Opening Charges for the Trading account are as low as Rs.0. Clients have to pay this amount only once, and they will be eligible to enjoy all the facilities offered by the broker house. However, they do not need to pay any maintenance fee for holding a trading account with this stockbroker which is fantastic.

    The Swastika Investment Demat Charges for opening the account is only Rs.150 and clients can trade a wide range of financial products through it. There is a small amount of Demat AMC that amounts to Rs 295 with GST and will be charged once a year.

    Traders also have to maintain a margin money of 75% Margin with this broker house. They will have to keep this amount of cash intact in their account for as long as they are trading with Swastika Investment.

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    What are the Swastika Investment Transaction Charges?

    Transaction Charges for each segment
    What are the Transaction Charges for Equity Delivery? 0.003150%
    What are the Transaction Charges for Equity Intraday? 0.003100%
    How much are the Transaction Charges for Equity Futures? 0.002750%
    How much are the Transaction Charges for Equity Options? 0.003150%
    What are the Transaction Charges for Currency Futures? 0.003100%
    What are the Transaction Charges for Currency Options? 0.002750%
    Any Transaction Charges for Commodity Trading? 0.003100%

    Swastika broker house levies transaction charges on all the transactions that are taking place in their trading accounts. These charges are applied to the total value of the transactions processed on different products. The Swastika Investment Transaction Charges for Equity Delivery is 0.00315%.

    Traders have to pay 0.0031% of the total value as a transaction fee for trading Equity Intraday. The transaction charges on Equity Futures are 0.00275%, and those on Equity Options are 0.3150%. This broker house imposes 0.0031% of transaction fees on Currency Futures.

    The Swastika Investment Charges on the transaction of Currency Options are 0.002750%. Like all the other sections, the transaction fee on Commodity Trading is also very reasonable, and it amounts to 0.0031% of the total amount.

    What are the other remaining Swastika Investment Charges?

    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell SideEquity Futures: 0.01% on Sell SideEquity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)Commodity Futures: 0.01% on the sell side (Non-Agri)Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell-sideCurrency F&O: No STTOn Exercise transaction: 0.125%Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell-side

    Other Charges
    How much is the Transaction Charges levied? 0.003150% of Total Turnover
    What are the STT charges?
    How much is the Stamp Duty levied? (On buy-side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.002%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.002%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%. Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.002% (MCX)
    How is the GST charged? 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Any Margin Funding Charges? 18% + GST
    How much is the Reactivation Charge? Rs 50 per instruction
    Any charges for Account Closure? Rs 20 per instruction
    What are the Dematerialisation Charges? Rs 2.00 per certificate + Rs 20 for postage

    Traders have to pay many miscellaneous charges apart from brokerage fees and transaction charges while trading in the stock business. A portion of these charges go to the government in the form of taxes and clients are obliged to pay it.

    This section will discuss those miscellaneous charges that a client has to keep in account while trading with Swastika Investment. The Swastika Investment Charges / Govt Charges imposed on a transaction is only 0.003150% of the total turnover.

    An STT charge of 0.0126% of the total turnover is imposed on the traders. They have to pay a small amount of Stamp Duty that is between 0.002% and 0.004% and is fixed by the state government. The GST charged is 18% of the total amount of brokerage and transaction charges.

    Clients have to bear a margin funding charge of 18% along with its GST. The Swastika Investment Charges for account closure are Rs 20 per instruction, and those for dematerialization are Rs 2.00 per certificate + Rs 20 for postage. This broker house also levies a reactivation charge of Rs.50 per segment.

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    General FAQs on Swastika Investmart Charges

    Let’s have a look at the FAQs on Swastika Investment Charges:

    Does Swastika Investment provide fixed brokerage options?

    No, Swastika Investment does not provide fixed brokerage options.

    Does Swastika Investmart have different brokerage charges for penny stocks?

    No, the broker house does not have various brokerage charges on the penny stocks.

    Can I calculate Swastika Investmart brokerage even before I place a Trade?

    Yes, our dynamic brokerage calculator will serve you the same purpose.

    Can I calculate Swastika Investmart margin / limit / exposure?

    Yes, traders can calculate margin or limit, or exposure before trading with Swastika Investment.

    Is there any account opening fees by Swastika Investmart?

    Yes, the broker house charges account opening fees from the traders.

    Is there any AMC levied by Swastika Investmart?

    No, there is no AMC charged by Swastika Investment.

    Swastika Investment Charges – Conclusion

    This article has mentioned all the charges levied by this broker house on its clients. The Swastika Investment Demat Charges are very reasonable, and clients get a large number of services in return.

    They can invest in different financial products, and the broker house will help them with the best guidance from the experts. Therefore, new investors should open a Trading account with this broker house and earn a lot of profit by paying minimal Swastika Investment Charges.

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