JM Financial Demat Account – Find Benefits, Account Opening Process & more

JM Financial is one of the top financial institutions of the country that offers a wide spectrum of financial services. Traders can avail of a large number of advantages by opening a JM Financial Demat Account, alongside JM Financial Trading Account.

The company has been serving its clients religiously since its inception and managing their wealth in the best way possible.

This article shall provide a brief overview of the facilities a trader can get from the JM Financial Demat Account and trading account. One should go through the article carefully to understand the benefits of trading through this broker house.

It addresses important points such as the advantages of opening these accounts, charges related to the accounts, the process of opening a Demat account, and some common questions that customers often ask.

Depository ParticipantCDSL
Account Opening ChargesRs.799
Demat AMCRs.299
Trading AMCFree
Margin RequiredRs.15,000 Minimum
Dematerialization AvailableYes

JM Financial Offers

What is JM Financial Demat Account & its Benefits?

A customer has to open a Demat account with JM Financial at the beginning of trading shares with it. The JM Financial Demat Account will hold the shares that a customer buys and sells. CDSL is the Depository Participant involved with this broker house which makes it completely trustworthy.

Here is the address of all the advantages of opening a Demat account with JM Financial:

  • JM Financial allows its clients to open a Demat account without paying any money.
  • Customer need not visit a branch of the broker house for opening a Demat account as it can be done online.
  • The company offers a good amount of discount on the brokerage charges, which helps traders in saving money.
  • JM Financial has some advanced trading platforms that are loaded with excellent features. Traders can invest in various financial products through these trading platforms, effortlessly.

Open Demat Account with JM Financial Now! – Fill up the Form

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What is JM Financial Trading Account & its Benefits?

The JM Financial Trading Account is the basic account of a customer through which he can conduct all the transactions.

This account connects the Demat account with the bank account of the customer and contains details about his cash, securities, and holdings. Traders need to maintain their trading account properly as it will help them to invest in different financial products accurately.

Advantages which come along with the trading account are mentioned below:

  • Customers can open a trading account with JM Financial for free.
  • The broker house also levies zero maintenance charge on the trading accounts.
  • Traders get the advantage of flexible brokerage plans that help them in trading different financial products without any limitation, in one place.
  • JM Financial allows its clients to invest in various instruments that include equities, derivatives, currencies, etc.

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What are the JM Financial Demat Account Charges?

Which is the Depository Participant involved?CDSL
What are the Demat account opening charges?Rs.799
How much is the Demat Account AMC ?Rs.299
What is the Trading Account AMC?Free
What is the initial Margin amount required?Rs.15,000 Minimum
Is there any dematerialization available?Yes

The JM Financial Account Opening Charges are quite moderate in comparison to other broker houses of its category. These charges are for one time, and customers need to pay them at the time of opening a Demat account.

The JM Financial Demat Account Charges are Rs.799 and the broker house offers a host of premium services on paying this amount. It, however, does not charge a single penny from the customers for opening a trading account.

Customers have to maintain an initial margin amount of Rs.15,000 in their account while opening a Demat account with JM Financial. This amount of money should be maintained by a customer throughout the time he operates his Demat account.

Traders get a lot of benefits from the broker house in exchange for the charges they need to pay, which raises their sense of contentment.

How much is JM Financial AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge?

The annual maintenance charge is levied by almost all the broker houses for the services they offer to their clients. JM Financial also levies some maintenance charges on its account holders, but the amount is very small.

The JM Financial AMC on the Demat account is only Rs.299 which any customer would love to pay for the services he receives from the company. However, the trading accounts of the broker house do not attract any AMC, and the account holders can enjoy the services for free.

How to Open JM Financial Demat Account?

The process to Open JM Financial Demat Account is very simple, and it can be completed by sitting at home. All the steps are mentioned below:

  • A client has to search and click on the ‘Open Demat Account’ option stated in this webpage itself.
  • One account opening form will appear on the screen with numerous fields, and the client will have to fill them up accurately.
  • After filling up the form, he will have to click on the ‘Submit’ option for submitting the form.
  • Then the company will carry out the EKYC procedure for which the client has to upload some of his important documents.
  • He will have to scan all the documents that have been asked for and then upload them. The list of documents consists of AADHAAR Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, a recent photograph, and a cancelled cheque.
  • Once these documents are uploaded, an executive from JM Financial will call the client and verify the data that he has provided
  • Finally, the account will be opened once the verification is successful, and the company will send the login details to the client.

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General FAQs on JM Financial Demat & Trading Account

Here are the general FAQs of JM Financial :

Does JM Financial provide a Free Demat A/C offer?

Yes, there is a provision for a free Demat account offer with JM Financial.

Does JM Financial provide Free Trading A/C offer?

Yes, JM Financial provides an offer for free trading accounts.

Is JM Financial offering Discount on Brokerage?

Yes, the broker house offers discounts on brokerage

Does JM Financial offer Happy hour trading to their clients?

No, there is no such offer from JM Financial.

Is JM Financial providing a flexible brokerage plan?

Yes, the broker house provides a flexible brokerage plan.

JM Financial Demat Account – Conclusion

This article helps in concluding that traders can get a lot of useful services through the JM Financial Demat Account. There are flexible brokerage plans along with discounts on brokerage charges from the broker house.

The company also charges lower account opening charges and AMC, which can be afforded by a customer. JM Financial can be a trusted option if someone wants to trade in financial products without any hassle.

Open Trading Account with JM Financial Now! – Fill up the Form

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