Trade Smart Demat Account – Find Benefits, Account Opening Process & more

Before opening a Demat account with Trade Smart Online, you must get to know about the different charges and other necessary details regarding a Trade Smart Demat Account. In this article, we will explain the different advantages of opening a Trade Smart Trading Account as well.

If you are looking for a Demat account and you are considering opening a Demat account with Trade Smart financial services, then this article is for you. Trade Smart is a broking firm based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Their parent company, VNS Finance, and Capital Services were established in the year 1994. They have been providing top-notch financial services for the past 26 years. They offer discount broking prices for trades in stocks, commodities, as well as currency trades.

We are also going to discuss the charges you have to pay for opening a Demat account and a Trading account with Trade Smart. We will also guide you through the step-by-step procedure for opening a Demat and Trading Account for making trades through their platform.

Finally, we will answer some of the FAQs that people often ask regarding Trade Smart Demat Accounts.

Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
Account Opening Charges Rs.400
Demat AMC Rs.250 per Annum
Trading AMC Free
Margin Required Zero Margin
Dematerialization Available No

Trade Smart Online offers

What is Trade Smart Demat Account & its Benefits?

Before knowing about a Trade Smart Demat account, we should be familiar with what a Demat account is.

A Demat account is like a bank account for different financial products like stocks, securities, futures contracts, and more. These are handled by the different share depositories of a country. In India, these share depositories are NSDL and CSDL.

Demat account providers store your shares in these two share depositories and retrieve shares from there for selling. Trade Smart is a depository participant of both the NSDL and the CSDL of India. They also have a Dematerialization service to transfer your existing paper stock contracts to electronic form.

The advantages of opening a Trade Smart Demat account are as follows:

  • They allow you to trade in multiple markets and across multiple segments.
  • They do not charge an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for the first year.
  • You can use their handy brokerage calculator to estimate all the costs related to a transaction beforehand.

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    What is Trade Smart Trading Account & its Benefits?

    Along with a Demat account, you are also required to open a trading account for trading in stock markets. A trading account acts as an intermediate between a Demat account and the actual stock market where the trades are placed.

    There are many advantages to owning a Trade Smart Trading account. The best part is that you do not have to pay any charges for opening a trading account. You are also not required to pay a recurring fee as their Trading AMC is zero.

    Some of the other advantages of a trading account with Trade Smart are as follows:

    • They provide trades at flexible brokerage plans with two different costs for you to choose from.
    • You can change your brokerage plan at any time without any difficulties.
    • There aren’t any hidden costs associated with the trades. All the costs are transparent and can be calculated beforehand.

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    What is the Trade Smart Demat Account Charges?

    Which is the Depository Participant involved? CDSL & NSDL
    What are the Demat account opening charges? Rs.400
    How much is the Demat Account AMC? Rs.250 per Annum
    What is the Trading Account AMC? Free
    What is the initial Margin amount required? Zero Margin
    Is there any dematerialization available? No

    To open a Demat account at Trade Smart, you have to be aware of the charges that you are liable to pay for their service. There are some Trade Smart Account Opening Charges and Trade Smart Demat Account Charges.

    Trade Smart is a depository participant of both the NSDL and CDSL stock depositories of India. To open a Demat account, you are required to pay Rs.400 as a one-time charge and then Rs.250 per annum as Demat Account AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge).

    For the Trade Smart trading account, you are not required to pay an Annual Maintenance Charge as it is free of cost. There’s also no requirement to maintain minimum margin money in your trading account.

    How much is Trade Smart AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge?

    In the case of Trade Smart booking, you are only required to pay an AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) for the Demat account as the Trade Smart AMC for their trading account is free of cost. For the Demat account, you are required to pay an Annual Maintenance Charge of Rs.250.

    How to Open Trade Smart Demat Account?

    There are a few steps that you should follow to open a Trade Smart Demat account. The process of opening a Demat account is simple as it requires no offline or physical proceedings. You can open a Demat account online by following the steps given below:

    1. On the bottom right of this page, click the text that reads “Open Demat Account”. You will be redirected to their online account opening application.
    2. Enter your name, email, and mobile number in the given form and click on the button saying “Submit”.
    3. Alternatively, you can click on the tab called “Request a Callback” which will connect you to one of their customer care executives who will guide you through the process and clarify your doubts.
    4. After signing up, you are required to upload a self-attested copy of your PAN card, Address Proof, a passport-size photo, and the required Cheques for the different kinds of accounts you want to open.
    5. After the KYC verification is complete it will usually take up to 24 hours for them to open your account after which you can start trading using your Demat account.

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    General FAQs on Trade Smart Demat & Trading Account

    Here are the general FAQs of Trade Smart :

    Does Trade Smart provide a Free Demat A/C offer?

    No, Trade Smart does not offer a free Demat account to their clients. There is a one-time charge of Rs.400 for opening a Demat account with Trade Smart broking.

    Does Trade Smart provide Free Trading A/C offer?

    Yes, the trading account offered by Trade Smart is free of charge and you are also not required to maintain a minimum balance on this trading account.

    Is Trade Smart Offering Discounts on Brokerage?

    Yes, Trade Smart is a discount brokerage service that provides fairly low brokerage charges on transactions.

    Does Trade Smart offer Happy hour trading to their clients?

    No, there is no happy hour trading offer currently on Trade Smart.

    Is Trade Smart providing a flexible brokerage plan?

    Yes, you can choose from one of the different brokerage plans that are offered by Trade Smart which suits your requirements.

    Trade Smart Demat Account – Conclusion

    Trade Smart is a child company of VNS Finance and Capital Services which have been veterans in the finance industry for decades. Their Demat account services offer low brokerage costs and a free-of-charge trading account.

    The account opening charge for the Demat account is Rs.400 after which you have to pay an annual maintenance charge of Rs.250. They also have flexible brokerage plans to suit your changing requirements.

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