Eureka Securities Demat Account – Find Benefits, Account Opening Process & more

Surely we will discuss more Eureka Securities in this article, but the main highlight of the company is its Eureka Securities Demat Account and Eureka Securities Trading account.

Eureka Securities is a stock trading company located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Incorporated in 1992, it is one of the most successful businesses in eastern India that deals with trading stocks and closeby services. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to open up a Demat Account with them.

Meanwhile, the depository participants are both CDSL and NSDL, while the availability of dematerialization makes it sweeter for the investors. The margin money, as per the experts, is on the higher side.

Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
Account Opening Charges Rs 0
Demat AMC Rs 330
Trading AMC Rs 0
Margin Required 75% Margin
Dematerialization Available Yes

Eureka Securities Offers

What is Eureka Securities Demat Account & its Benefits?

Eureka Securities Demat account is your digital medium of shared storage, where can keep all your shares and securities. Eureka Securities account is a combination of a Demat account and a Trading account. They charge a one-time fee to open this composite account.

Before we reveal the fee structure, let us first know the benefits of opening this account:

  • Experience is the first factor that we wish to mention. Eureka Securities have an extensive understanding of the market’s volatile situation. Hence, it is ideal for a rookie as well as someone with decent knowledge.
  • One of the primary reasons people are so interested in opening up a Eureka Securities Demat account is because of the range of products and services they are offering for one unified account.
  • The brokerage fee is marginal, and that helps the investors to earn handsome profits.

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    What is Eureka Securities Trading Account & its Benefits?

    With the Eureka Securities Trading account, you can practically perform stock trading. However, there are other influential factors as well that should motivate investors to choose Eureka Securities and the account:

    • Of course, one of the biggest factors is the brokerage fees that Eureka Securities charges, which is mostly reasonable, compared to other companies.
    • CDSL and NSDL are both depository participants.
    • For the AMC, you don’t need to pay anything.
    • They offer services from 35 physical locations using dedicated dealers. The services are for both offline and online users.
    • The research and advisory services are okay enough to guide you.
    • They also offer Mutual Fund services operating with one unified account.

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    What are the Eureka Securities Demat Account Charges?

    Which is the Depository Participant involved? CDSL & NSDL
    What are the Demat account opening charges? Rs 0
    How much is the Demat Account AMC? Rs 330
    What is the Trading Account AMC? Rs 0
    What is the initial Margin amount required? 75% Margin
    Is there any dematerialization available? Yes

    As mentioned before in this article, Eureka Securities offer one account, which consists of a Demat and a Trading account. So, if a trader pays for this, there are no Eureka Securities Demat account charges separately.

    Now, a trader must pay Rs.0 as the Eureka Securities account opening charges. The good thing is that it is a one-time payment. That said, everything is not sunshine and rainbows here. The margin money, which every trader must pay to initiate stock trading, is a minimum of 75% Margin.

    This makes things complicated for new traders who wish to begin with fewer risks. Some experts also believe that there should be margin money involved; however, that should range from 75% Margin.

    How much is Eureka Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge?

    This is where the people who open an account with Eureka Securities have an advantage – AMC. Where most reputed companies charge somewhere between Rs.100 – Rs.500 for the AMC of the Demat and Trading accounts, the Eureka Securities AMC is free of cost.

    So, it means the trader only needs to pay Rs 330 to open the account. There is no AMC involved in either the Demat or the Trading accounts.

    How to Open Eureka Securities Demat Account?

    The steps to open Eureka Securities Demat account are pretty straightforward:

    • On this website, you should get a button stating “Open An Account.” You need to click on that.
    • Now, as soon as click on that button, you will get a popup where you need to fill up the form for a callback.
    • Depending upon their availability, they will call you back and typically ask you to submit all the documents to complete your KYC verification.
    • Alongside that, they will guide you on the way to pay them Rs.0 as the account opening fee.
    • Once the KYC is finished and your payment is confirmed, they will email you the credentials for the Demat and Trading accounts.
    • You can begin trading after that.

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    General FAQs on Eureka Securities Demat & Trading Account

    Here are the general FAQs of Eureka Securities :

    Does Eureka Securities provide a Free Demat A/C offer?

    No. Unfortunately, Eureka Securities doesn’t avail of the facility of a free Demat account. The composite account of Demat and Trading accounts will cost a one-time payment of Rs.400 only.

    Does Eureka Securities provide Free Trading A/C offer?

    The Eureka Securities account that consists of a Demat and Trading account will cost you a one-time payment of Rs.400. So, no, the Trading account is not free to open.

    Is Eureka Securities offering Discounts on Brokerage?

    As of now, Eureka Securities doesn’t provide any sort of discount on the brokerage fees.

    Does Eureka Securities offer Happy hour trading to their clients?

    No. There is no Happy Trading Hours feature available with the services of Eureka Securities, although they are reconsidering that.

    Is Eureka Securities providing a flexible brokerage plan?

    The flexible brokerage plans are available and are ready for depletion.

    Eureka Securities Demat Account – Conclusion

    Eureka Securities is primarily an experienced stock trading company. Yes, there are some areas where they need to tighten up, but the core services are well maintained. The products and services are getting robust every day with new inclusions.

    The brokerage fee is mostly under control. At least the critics think that way. Now, the research and the advisory department are somewhat okay, but there are room for improvement. Now, about their trading platforms, they are neither top-shelf nor horribly bad.

    So, the final verdict – they have proved qualified enough to recommend, and you may put them in serious consideration while opening a Eureka Securities Demat account.

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