Way2Wealth Charges – Find Brokerage, Account Opening, Transaction Charges & more

We invest with the motive of maximizing our funds and Way2Wealth Brokerage Charges go down the other slope. Hence, one must always stay informed about the Way2Wealth Charges, and then find ways to make profit beyond the set charges.

This company is a great option to begin your journey with, and we provide you all the charge information in this article. You will find the brokerage charges, account related charges, transaction charges, government charges and also some FAQs.

Equity Delivery Trading0.1% – 0.4%
Equity Intraday Trading0.01% – 0.04%
Margin MoneyRs.0 – Rs.300,000
Margin Funding Charges18% + GST
Reactivation ChargesRs.50 per Segment

Way2Wealth Offers 

What are the Way2Wealth Brokerage Charges?

Brokerage Charges
What are the Equity Delivery Charges?0.1% – 0.4%
What are the Equity Intraday Charges?0.01% – 0.04%
What is the brokerage on Equity Futures?0.01% – 0.04%
How much brokerage charged for Equity Options?Rs.20 – Rs.70 per Lot
What is the brokerage on Currency Futures?0.01% – 0.04%
What is the brokerage on Currency Options?Rs.10 – Rs.40 per Lot
How much brokerage charged for Commodity Trading?0.01% – 0.04%
Brokerage CalculatorWay2Wealth Brokerage Calculator

As mentioned earlier, you should have the right information. The Way2Wealth Brokerage Charges are the highest of expenses you may encounter and so you need to learn of the designated charge of the segments you wish to invest in. The brokerage charges of this company range, and they go as following.

  • Highest demanded segment, Equity Delivery has the charge of 0.1% – 0.4%.
  • The next bunch of segments that follow are Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures and Commodity, that have the same price range of 0.01% – 0.04%.
  • Equity Options have the charge of Rs.20 – Rs.70 per Lot, whereas the charge for Currency Options is Rs.10 – Rs.40 per Lot.

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What are the Way2Wealth Account Opening Charges?

Account Opening Charges
Is there any Trading Account Charges [One Time]?Rs 0
How much is the Trading Account AMC [Yearly]?Rs 0
Is there any Demat Charges [One Time]?Rs 0
How much is the Demat AMC [Yearly]?Rs 200
Any minimum Margin Money required?Rs.0 – Rs.300,000

For opening of demat and trading accounts, you need to pay certain Way2Wealth Account Opening Charges indeed. Relaxation is included in a lot of ways, where the company only takes the AMC in the form of Way2Wealth Demat Account Charges. So, no opening charge is levied on demat account, but the AMC is Rs.200.

Contrarily, no account opening charge or even AMC is applied for the trading account, as the company gives you full degree of relaxation here.

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What are the Way2Wealth Transaction Charges?

Transaction Charges for each segment
What are the Transaction Charges for Equity Delivery?0.002950%
What are the Transaction Charges for Equity Intraday?0.002950%
How much is  the Transaction Charges for Equity Futures?0.002950%
How much is  the Transaction Charges for Equity Options?0.002950%
What are the Transaction Charges for Currency Futures?0.002950%
What are the Transaction Charges for Currency Options?0.002950%
Any Transaction Charges for Commodity Trading?0.002950%

One of the frequently arising charges is Way2Wealth Transaction Charges. This is where you need to cater a portion from your total turnover for the said charge. Also, it is applicable on each and every transaction you take an attempt at, and is levied in each and every segment offered by the company.

The above table has the representation of section wise charge. The segments provided with the company are Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, Currency Options and Commodity, and they commonly have the charge of 0.002950%.

Now there is no fixed policy of a similar charge for all the segment, and it entirely depends upon the particular company in question.

What are the other remaining Way2Wealth Charges?

Other Charges
How much is the Transaction Charges levied?0.0002% of Total Turnover
What are the STT charges?0.0126% of Total Turnover
How much is the Stamp Duty levied?0.002% – 0.004% – Depends on State
How are the GST charged?18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Any Margin Funding Charges?18% + GST
How much is the Reactivation Charge?Rs.50 per Segment
Any charges Account Closure?Rs.50 per Segment
What are the Dematerialisation Charges?Rs.44

Government has a fine role to pay in the stock markets too for which you have to pay certain Way2Wealth Charges / Govt Charges, no matter how tiny they are. To begin with, you have the Transaction charges, STT charges, Stamp duty and finally GST. The company will charge you the same and they send it to the respective authority.

On the final note, the last bunch of charges you need to know of are the account reactivation charges which is Rs.50 per segment, deactivation charge of Rs.50 per segment and lastly, Rs.44 are charged for dematerialization service.

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General FAQs on Way2Wealth Charges

Lets have a look at the FAQs on Way2Wealth Charges:

Does Way2Wealth provide fixed brokerage options?

No, they provide you the trait of flexibility in their brokerage options.

Does Way2Wealth have different brokerage charges for penny stocks?

No, the same set of charge applies for the penny stocks transactions as well.

Can I calculate Way2Wealth brokerage even before I place a Trade?

Yes, a brokerage calculator is all you need, and we provide you the same for your convenience.

Can I calculate Way2Wealth margin / limit / exposure?

Yes, in this case, a margin calculator would come handy for you.

Is there any account opening fees by Way2Wealth?

Yes, an account opening charge is applicable if you choose to open an account with Way2Wealth.

Is there any AMC levied by Way2Wealth?

No, AMC norms are excluded from the list and you aren’t supposed to pay it.

Way2Wealth Charges – Conclusion

For the end, we would like to state that this company is one among the best bunch of options you got. What we like is the flexibility in Way2Wealth Brokerage Charges, which means it feasible for you to negotiate the brokerage charge you feel is compatible.

Speaking of the rest of Way2Wealth Charges, you only have to pay the AMC for demat account, as all the other account related charges are waived off. This is great deduction on your expense list, and an opportunity you should grab.

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