Jainam Share Demat Account – Find Benefits, Account Opening Process & more

This article shall discuss the benefits of the Jainam Share Trading Account and Demat Account. It will also reflect on the Jainam Share Demat Account opening charges, AMC, account opening procedure, and some other important points that a trader should know.

Jainam Share is regarded as one of the top-notch broker houses in India that offers a wide range of financial products and services. It is a full-service broker house with headquarters in Surat and has been doing a great job in the broking business since 2003.

Depository Participant CDSL
Account Opening Charges Rs 0
Demat AMC Rs. 708
Trading AMC Rs 0
Margin Required 75% Margin
Dematerialization Available Yes

Jainam Share Consultants Offers

What is Jainam Share Demat Account & its Benefits?

The Jainam Share Demat Account holds the shares bought by a customer and helps in trading seamlessly. This broker house is extremely reliable when it comes to buying and selling shares, and it is a depository participant of CDSL.

The Demat account keeps a complete account of all the shares sold and bought by a trader through it.

The detailed and basic benefits of having a Jainam Share Demat account are:

  • Customers can open a Demat account with Jainam Share online without visiting any branch of the broker house.
  • There is a provision for opening a Demat account free of cost with this renowned broker house.
  • The company operates some robust trading platforms, and customers can trade through them without any hassle.
  • There are many investment options available with Jainam Share.

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    What is Jainam Share Trading Account & its Benefits?

    The details about a customer’s cash, securities, and holdings are stored safely in the Jainam Share Trading Account. This account forms a link between the bank account of a trader and the Demat account that he/she has opened with the broker house.

    It helps in carrying out the transactions related to the buying and selling of shares. The trading account keeps a record of the debits and credits taking place from the Demat account and the bank account of the clients.

    Associated benefits of holding a Jainam Share Trading account are illustrated below:

    • Customers can open a trading account with Jainam Share for free.
    • There are no annual maintenance charges tagged to this trading account.
    • A shallow charge is imposed on the transactions taking place through the trading account.
    • Clients get to trade in numerous financial products like equities, currencies, options, futures, mutual funds, etc.
    • The broker house also allows its clients to buy insurance policies through their trading accounts.

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    What are the Jainam Share Demat Account Charges?

    Which is the Depository Participant involved? CDSL
    What are the Demat account opening charges? Rs 0
    How much is the Demat Account AMC? Rs. 708
    What is the Trading Account AMC? Rs 0
    What is the initial Margin amount required? 75% Margin
    Is there any dematerialization available? Yes

    Jainam Share Consultant’s Account Opening Charges are quite low in comparison to many other top broker houses in the country. These charges need to be paid once at the beginning when the account will be created.

    Jainam Share Demat Account Charges are Rs.0 and clients can avail of a wide range of services after paying this amount. There is also a small amount of maintenance charge levied by the broker house, but customers have to pay them once a year.

    Jainam Share asks for depositing an initial margin amount to each of its Demat account holders while opening the account. This amount is 75% Margin and customers need to maintain it always until they hold their accounts.

    The trading account of this broker house can be opened for free, which is welcoming news for all the traders.

    How much is Jainam Share AMC or Annual Maintenance Charge?

    As with every other broker house, Jainam Share also imposes a certain amount of maintenance charge on the Demat accounts. Traders have to pay these charges only once a year and get premium quality service in return.

    The Jainam Share AMC for a Demat account is Rs.708, which is less in comparison to the facilities provided by the broker house. However, no AMC is charged on the trading account and its services come for free.

    How to Open Jainam Share Demat Account?

    It is easy to Open Jainam Share Demat Account, and the procedure is explained in a simple manner below.

    • At first, the client will have to check this webpage and click on the ‘Open Demat Account’ option.
    • A form will appear, and he/she will have to fill it up carefully without any mistakes.
    • After the form is filled up, it has to be submitted by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
    • Then the company will carry out EKYC for which the client has to upload his/her important documents that include PAN Card, AADHAAR Card, Voter ID Card, photographs, and a canceled cheque.
    • He will have to scan these documents and upload their soft copies where asked.
    • After the document submission is completed, an executive will call the client and verify the details that he has uploaded.
    • Once everything is perfect, the Demat account and trading account of the trader will be created.
    • The company will send the account details to the client, and he will have to use them for logging into his account.

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    General FAQs on Jainam Share Demat & Trading Account

    Here are the general FAQs of Jainam Share :

    Does Jainam Share provide a Free Demat A/C offer?

    Yes, Jainam Share provides a free Demat account.

    Does Jainam Share provide a Free Trading A/C offer?

    Yes, there is a provision for free trading accounts with this broker house.

    Is Jainam Share Offering Discount on Brokerage?

    No, there are no discounts offered on brokerage.

    Does Jainam Share offer Happy hour trading to their clients?

    No, clients do not get a Happy hour trading facility with the broker house.

    Is Jainam Share providing a flexible brokerage plan?

    No, the broker house does not offer flexible brokerage plans.

    Jainam Share Demat Account – Conclusion

    It can be easily understood from this article that Jainam Share Demat Account and trading account bring many advantages for a trader.

    The company has a huge amount of experience in the broking business, and it can guide its clients excellently. So, a trader can easily open a Demat account with this broker house and earn a good profit.

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